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“Consulting with the Center for Creative Management (CFCM) is one of our best investments. In the dark ages before we consulted with CFCM, the hiring process involved standard questions, checking references and an assessment of candidates' technical capabilities based on a sample of their work. Unfortunately, this usually turned out to be a very expensive gamble. Poor hiring decisions were not only expensive but also damaged client relationships. CFCM’s accuracy in evaluating a good fit for our department is amazing. In addition, we continually use CFCM’s reports as a management tool long after the hiring process. I would never hire ‘blind’ again. CFCM ushered in the renaissance of our human resources department!”

Keith Quick, P.E.
Department Manager and Principal
Larson Engineering, Inc.

“We have used the Center for Creative Management in our staff promotional process and have found this company to be valuable in their assessment of candidates. The reports we receive help guide our interview questions as the candidates proceed through the process and help us in making sound promotional decisions.”

Ken Koch
Chief Executive Officer
St. Charles County Ambulance District

“The Center for Creative Management (CFCM) has been one of the greatest investments that Larson Engineering has made. The assessments that we use from CFCM are by far one of our most trustworthy tools for new employee recruiting. Also, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the coaching that is offered by CFCM as it has played a vital role in helping to develop leaders in our organization.”

Cynthia J. Ebert, P.E.
Regional Manager, Principal
Larson Engineering, Inc.

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In keeping with ethical principles, personally identifiable information of all coaching clients is kept confidential.

“For months I grappled with a personnel decision, allowing my personal ‘likes’ and my emotions to cloud my thinking. After speaking with Sue just a few times I began to grasp the reality of the situation and I was able to see the course of action to take. In a very short period of time I was able to make a decision with clarity and without hesitation or regret. The value in having someone to ‘guide’ us is invaluable – not to mention cost effective.“

Insurance Company

“As an engineer, I was not formally trained to manage people and projects. For me, this was as foreign and uncomfortable as leaving the planet. The coaching I have received from Sue has been a huge help in understanding the problems that I face and the solutions that work best for me and my staff. Through coaching, I have discovered who I am as a manager. I believe it has saved me and my staff many frustrating years trying to learn how to become an effective manager. Now management is not so foreign to me, in fact I am fascinated with the art and science of it. “

Engineering firm