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About the Center for Creative Management

The Center for Creative Management, Inc. provides individuals and organizations with the most up-to-date methods and research to enhance their growth and productivity.


Sue Koppel
The founder and president of the Center for Creative Management is Suellen Meyer Koppel, Ph.D. Dr. “Sue” has been involved in helping individuals and organizations realize their maximum potential through coaching, assessments, training, and organizational development since 1981. She has worked with a variety of organizations of every size including high tech, aerospace, insurance, public safety, medical, transportation, communications, not-for-profit, educational, manufacturing, architectural, and retail.

Sue earned a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie-Mellon University with a double major in Psychology and Business. After working as a counselor and researcher, she attended St. Louis University where she was awarded both the M.S. (Research) and Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Additionally, with her passion for acting, she has worked as a professional actor for stage, screen, and radio. She is married and has helped raise two successful, but demanding children to young adulthood.

Subject Matter Experts

The Center for Creative Management has developed strategic alliances with individuals who are experts on specific subjects. This allows us to provide you with expert assistance on an as needed basis.

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In keeping with ethical principles, personally identifiable information of all coaching clients is kept confidential.

“The Center for Creative Management (CFCM) has been one of the greatest investments that Larson Engineering has made. The assessments that we use from CFCM are by far one of our most trustworthy tools for new employee recruiting. Also, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the coaching that is offered by CFCM as it has played a vital role in helping to develop leaders in our organization.”

Cynthia J. Ebert, P.E.
Regional Manager, Principal
Larson Engineering, Inc.