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Get the right people in the right seats on the bus. Learn what your staff needs to develop into great employees. Find out what you need to do to be a better leader. Well-researched, and statistically reliable and valid assessments take the guess work out of hiring, placing, and managing employees. Additionally, high-quality assessments help you uncover your own blind-spots.

Employee Selection, Promotion,
Coaching, and Placement

Most job candidates come with excellent references and good to great resumes. Some make a better impression at the interview than others, but do the people who present themselves best always turn into star performers? Of course not. In fact, research has found that employees who are selected based on interviews have about a 14% chance of being top performers! Let us show you how to immediately increase this by more than 5 times.

The Center for Creative Management provides clients with objective, scientific assessments to use in the selection, promotion, management, and coaching of both perspective and current employees. Before a candidate is hired or promoted, research shows that it is vital to know the following about an individual:

  • Abilities = Can the candidate do the job?

  • Interests/Motivation = Does the candidate want to do this job?

  • Work-related personality = Does the candidate have the personality to do this specific job at our company?

Measuring Perspective Employees’ Ethics

According to USA Today, "48% of Workers admit to unethical or illegal acts." If this is what employees admit, what is really going on in the workplace?

Additionally, USA Today reports that, “small businesses suffered a median loss of $120,000 [from fraud] per occurrence,” and "Retail stores lose more to employee theft than to shoplifting. .. “ And remember, the higher up an individual is in the organization, the more damage he/she can do to your corporation. It's not just the big, for profit companies like Yahoo, Enron and Tyco that are effected, but smaller, even not-for-profit ones like religious organizations, Boy Scouts, and Amvets that have been effected.

The Center for Creative Management will show you how to quickly, easily, and dramatically increase the likelihood of hiring, honest, drug-free, ethical employees who will show up on time, be in control of their anger, and not use the computer for unauthorized purposes.

Leadership and Staff Development

How effectively do you communicate with your staff? Does your staff feel that you micro-manage? How adaptable are you? When you delegate, do you give your staff all the information, money, and authority they need to do the job? How well do you promote teamwork? Don’t guess. Let us compare your perceptions of yourself with those of your staff, clients, supervisors, and peers. What you don’t know can effect your bottom-line. Contact The Center for Creative Management to help you discover strategies to successfully communicate and work with your staff, clients, and everyone else in your life.

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In keeping with ethical principles, personally identifiable information of all coaching clients is kept confidential.

According to professional journals such as Personnel Psychology, hiring employees based on traditional methods results in about a 14% selection of top performers. The Center for Creative Management uses scientific methods to increase your chances of selecting and placing the right people into the right jobs by more than 75%.