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Cost of Bad Hire Calculation

* Only salary and number of weeks before termination needed.

Job Title
Salary per of employee *
Number of weeks before termination decision *
Percent of salary paid considered wasted %
Number of weeks for severance
Benefits as a percent of salary %
Training Costs
Average Salary per of coaches
Coaching hours spent on employee
Recruiting costs to replace employee
Advertising costs to replace employee
Relocation costs for employee
Intangible costs (mistakes, lost productivity, customer ill will, reduced employee morale, lost sales, lost opportunities)
Other Costs (describe)
Other Costs (describe)


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In keeping with ethical principles, personally identifiable information of all coaching clients is kept confidential.

Cost of a Bad $30K per year Hire

6 weeks salary $3,461.54
2 weeks severance $1,154.00
Benefits (30% of pay) $1,384.66
Total $6,000.29

Other costs: Training, Lost productivity, Lost clients or Ill Will, Poor Morale,
Recruitment, etc.